The protagonists

Ramon Guillem, the bishop

Originally from the south of France, Ramon Guillem was prior at Saint  Sernin in Toulouse before Alfonso El Batallador ( Alfonso the Warrior) appointed him bishop of Roda-Barbastro, from where he carried out his pastoral duties intensively, particularly in terms of consecrating churches.

He was confessor to the King of Aragon and kept in close contact with the lords of Erill.

His trips to France and Italy put him in touch with the best artists of the time.

The Erill family, feudal lords

Originally from Erillcastell, their possessions extended along the valleys of Boí, Barravés, Llevata and Sas.

With Alfonso el Batallador (Alfonso the Warrior), they took part in reconquering Barbastro (1101), Tudela, Daroca and Zaragoza (1118) and Calatayud (1120), as well as in repopulating new domains to the west (Alfarràs, Almenar, Fraga, etc.). They promoted a large number of churches in the Vall de Boí.