Romanesque for children

Treasures that speak to us!

We propose a family activity in the form of a game of clues to discover the treasures of the Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí!

You can download the game (you can print it on a double page and fold it in half, it will look like a leaflet) or ask for a copy at the Romanesque Center in Erill la Vall or at the church where you want to start your visit.

Will you be able to find all the treasures? Good luck!

Didactic materials

Art has always been a means of expression representative of the society of its time. The Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí are an example of medieval society that has survived to the present day.

Times have changed and so has our vision of the world, so we need certain tools to understand the meaning of this art.

The didactic dossier aims to support the study and interpretation of Romanesque art for all those who want to know the meaning and sense of this fascinating art.

Colour the Romanesque!

Become a painter and colour the Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí!

Download the drawings and paint the churches to your liking:

Didactic Mapping

The commented version video mapping of Sant Climent de Taüll is an educational resource aimed at schools and groups interested in a deeper understanding of the Romanesque in his leisure time.

It is offered by prior reservation, in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

The commented video mapping lasts about 20 minutes and the price of the reservation is 30,00€ per group + entrance to the church.

To book this resource please contact the Romanesque Center at 973 69 67 15 or

Sol·licitud de Mapping didàctic

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Request for didactic mapping

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