Video mapping

The Romanesque paintings of the church of Sant Climent de Taüll, one of the most important jewels of the Catalan Romanesque, have an innovative presentation through a video mapping that recreates the original frescoes in the main apse and the presbytery of the central nave. The original painting dates from the 12th century and is currently preserved in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, MNAC.

Since the 1960s there had been a copy of the originals painted on plaster in the church, which was deteriorating. After dismantling the old copy, a meticulous restoration process was carried out, which revealed traces of the original painting that had been preserved in the deep layers of the apse walls.

The aim of this mapping is to restore the original paintings virtually and digitally to their place of origin, the church of Sant Climent de Taüll, and also to reproduce the complete pictorial ensemble as it was in the year 1123. The audiovisual presentation helps the visitor to understand the pictorial technique of the Romanesque frescoes and at the same time to discover the different iconographic representations that make up this highly artistic and religious mural painting.

Where and when to see the video mapping?

An innovative presentation of Romanesque paintings

Didactic Mapping

The commented version video mapping of Sant Climent de Taüll is an educational resource aimed at schools and groups interested in a deeper understanding of the Romanesque in his leisure time.

It is offered by prior reservation, in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

The commented video mapping lasts about 20 minutes and the price of the reservation is 30,00€ per group + entrance to the church.

To book this resource please contact the Romanesque Center at 973 69 67 15 or